"The worst thing you could do would be to somehow take the most terrible people in the world, and make them even greater douches than they already are. Find a way to zero in on all of their ugliest faults and vices, and just… just amp them up beyond belief. That would be something."

"Fine," he said huffily. "Who would you go after?"
“Rich white college kids.”
“Jesus,” he said. “That’s… that’s perfect.”
“I know, right?”
“They’re the worst.”
“God, they’re horrible.”
“But what are you going to do to them?”
“I’m going to convince them… that they’re just too nice.”

Ayn Rand recounting a conversation with L. Ron Hubbard where they contemplated the worst prank they could possibly pull while smoking copious quantities of opium. Sounds accurate to me.


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