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I have been called an ‘Uncle Tom.’ I have received emails and comments via social media filled with obscenity. The reactions of some who claim that YCT is creating a demeaning or degrading environment on campus have been truly disgraceful.
Lorenzo Garcia, chairman of the Young Conservatives group at the University of Texas, whining about how horrible people are for being angry at his group’s plans for a “catch an illegal immigrant” day. Yep, of course the real problem is how mean people are when they point out your obvious racism, jackass.

In case anyone ever wonders how it got the nickname “Even The Liberal New Republic”, it’s for shit like this. What a useless publication. (And, no, I’m not going to bother linking to the article in question.)


UWD demands apology from HRC

Things like this are why I roll my eyes at everyone changing their Facebook picture to the HRC logo. What a shitty organization they are. Corporate cash and cocktail parties isn’t actually activism, guys.

For those of you wondering what the fuss is all about with the SCOTUS decision over SB-1070, below is an infographic (courtesy of ACLU Nationwide) explaining the four separate components of the legislation, as well as which one was upheld and which ones were struck down.


It’s worth noting that although the police can demand proof of citizenship, they can only alert the federal immigration authorities, not make an arrest themselves. And the Supreme Court, I believe, only denied the stay on that provision, allowing it to go into effect, and be challenged later, for example if it is used in a discriminatory manner. I’ve seen speculation that Roberts joined the majority (5–3, with Kagan recusing herself; a 4–4 split would have left the Appeals Court ruling striking down the law intact) to persuade them to move in a bit more of a conservative direction from what they would have otherwise.

The chilling part comes from interviews with Latinos in Alabama. A woman called Carolina complains that clerks at Wal-Mart refused to give her money that her mother had transferred to her—money she used to get just by showing ID and typing in a PIN number—unless she proved she was in the country legally. She also said the Wal-Mart cashiers refused to sell her groceries without proof of her legal status. Wal-Mart is a private business; they are not bound by Alabama’s immigration law to check customers’ legal status, and yet their clerks seem only too happy to do so, knowing that those to whom they deny service are hardly in a position to go to the police. Then there is the provision of the law making contracts with illegal immigrants unenforceable in court; employers have used that provision to deny payment for services rendered.

JF, at The Economist's Democracy in America blog, on Alabama’s anti-immigrant law. Which seems to have had exactly the effect that we all knew it would, even if the bill’s author claims that it’s just coincidence.

And I’ll just observe that once again, the moneyed interests in this country, through their lackeys in the Republican Party, have the working class fighting to keep the working class down. It’s literally the oldest trick in their book.